Smile Rehabilitation

Smile Rehabilitation

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of an attractive, healthy, confident smile. Many people who visit our Mississauga office for the first time worry that their teeth are beyond rehabilitation. They are pleasantly surprised to learn that we have a nearly endless variety of options to repair, straighten, whiten, reshape, and even replace teeth.

Smile Makeover

When you think of improving your appearance, you may think of plastic surgery or weight loss. However, improving your smile can have a more dramatic impact than you may realize. Surveys have found that about half of all adults consider a smile the most memorable feature when meeting someone for the first time.

Aesthetic Considerations

Creating a lifelike, beautiful smile requires consideration of several factors including:

  • Facial shape
  • Tooth coloring
  • Tooth size and shape
  • Symmetry and proportions

Consultation and Planning

We believe that accuracy in diagnostics is essential for quality results. Our smile design process includes:

  • Initial oral health evaluation to assess any decay, gingivitis, bruxism, or other problems that need to be addressed before cosmetic enhancement
  • Assess the bite, and take precise measurements for any tooth material than needs to be reduced
  • Consult with a technician from the dental laboratory for optimal color matching
  • Take photographs, x-rays, and other records
  • Optionally, create a wax-up of the design and temporarily place new restorations, giving you six weeks to try out your new smile before it is cemented permanently in place

We accept most dental plans, and will work with your insurance to devise a treatment plan sensitive to your schedule and budget. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans to ensure that nothing stands between you and the dental care you deserve. 

Your new smile is just a phone call away. Contact R Dentists at (905) 567-6757 and schedule an appointment today.

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