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Dr. Ratra showing a dental implant model to a patient

missing teeth?

The best solution for missing teeth is replacing them with dental implants. Cost-effective and a lifetime tooth replacement, dental implants are attractive, look natural, and feel like your own teeth. If you think dental implants are for you, contact us today for a complimentary dental implant consultation.

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Dental Implants are for All Ages

You may think you are too old or have too much bone loss, but you can learn whether dental implant-secured dentures are right for you during a personal consultation. Conditions such as osteoporosis may impact how dental implants will be used, but most people have positive results with dental implant treatment.

Dental Implants are Comfortable

Sedation and/or anesthesia make dental implant procedures pain-free. Most patients have tenderness at the implant site for a few days after the procedure, but the discomfort goes away quickly. Your dental implants will soon feel like natural teeth, even when eating.  

Implant Expertise is Needed

Not every dentist has the expertise to provide dental implant treatment for missing teeth. Precision implant dentistry requires a clinical professional who is trained in dental implants and implant-secured dentures. Whether you choose us for your implant treatment and care or another practice, make sure you are getting the expert care needed for successful dental implant treatment.  

Contact our team today to find out if dental implants can be a beautiful, lasting tooth replacement treatment option for you.

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