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Dr Nakul is truly the best in the game for all cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry. I came to him with a very tricky task to fix my teeth using only composite bonding. He gladly accepted the challenge and the results were truly perfection and exceeded my expectations. He was very patient and put in a lot of time and effort to ensure I was happy (and he was happy) with the final result. The rest of the staff at the clinic is also very friendly and pleasant, making it a very comfortable atmosphere to get your dental treatment. Also a bonus: you get to watch whatever you want on Netflix while getting your treatment.

Fatima G.

I went today for my wisdom teeth removal at R Dentists.I was very worried from the procedure as I had a bad experience last year at a different dentistry in Mississauga and I have to tell you Dr. Navin Ratra is by far the best dentist that I have visited in my life .. the atmosphere is very welcoming .. the staff is kind and very professional and Dr. Navin is the most professional dentist in Canada. The procedure was amazing didn’t feel pain at all he was very determined to make me feel comfortable and told me exactly how the procedure will go … and I was surprised when he told me the tooth is out it’s been 8 hours since the extraction I’m taking my medications as directed by him there is no pain no discomfort.. and Dr. Navin called to make sure I was doing well few hours after the surgery. I take my kids to R Dentists clinic as well and am very very happy with the results. Thank you soo much Dr. Navin, you respect your job with high efficiency and respect and care a lot for your patients .. Thanks again to your assistant and every single person in your clinic.

Nagham M.

Thank you Dr. Nakul Ratra at R Dentist for giving me my smile back! This is the best dental clinic I’ve been to so far. Dr. Nakul Ratra is awesome! He transformed my mouth into a beautiful smile. I have been trying for years to find a dentist who could transform my teeth and make me comfortable to smile. Dr. Nakul Ratra was the only dentist I met who knew what he was doing and was willing to work with me. He is very caring, compassionate, patient and a perfectionist who takes pride in giving his patients the very best care. The staff at R Dentist are the best, they are very professional and friendly. I would 100% recommend Dr. Nakul Ratra and the staff at R Dentist.

Guy H.

I was looking to switch dentists for awhile now and I ended up getting referred to this dentist from a colleague of mine and I’m happy I spoke to him. R Dentists is by far the best dentist I’ve ever been to with very accommodating employees that make you feel super comfortable. Jeanette, Navin & Nakul always make my visit pleasant and memorable. Everything there is transparent, clean and modern. They show you detailed pictures of the work being completed before, during and after so you can see results. Not to mention you have a TV mounted on the ceiling with Netflix so you can watch your favourite show as they work on your teeth. Would give more than 5 stars if possible. Highly recommend this dentist to anyone!

Christopher J.

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