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Orthodontics, also called dental braces, are used to straighten crooked teeth and correct bite problems. At R Dentists, we handle most orthodontic cases right here in our Mississauga office. In extremely complex cases, we refer patients to a specialist for appropriate treatment.


Crooked teeth or a noticeable overbite may be embarrassing. However, aesthetics is not the only reason to treat orthodontic problems. 

  • Crowded, rotated, or crooked teeth are difficult to clean. Tight spaces where your brush and floss won’t reach provide a breeding ground for the harmful bacteria that cause decay.
  • Bite misalignment can cause jaw pain and chewing difficulty. It can lead to TMJ dysfunction, which has symptoms including migraines and hearing problems.
  • When the alignment and position of teeth are less than ideal, biting force is unevenly distributed. This can cause some teeth to wear down quickly, or even increase the risk of fractures.


Braces help avoid or correct problems as the oral structure is developing. With age, the bone structure becomes denser. Therefore, we monitor orthodontic development of our young patients very closely. If we detect any problems, we strongly recommend braces, which can help your child avoid a lifetime of oral health problems.


Although braces are more effective for children, it is never too late to improve your smile. A growing number of orthodontic patients are adults. In some cases, adults wear braces to treat severe alignment issues. However, many people seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons. In some cases, these cosmetic goals can be accomplished without braces, by using treatments such as porcelain veneers to cover crooked teeth or tooth bonding to close gaps. 

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