Gum Disease / Periodontal Treatment


Gum disease prevention and treatment is among the most important services we offer at R Dentists in Mississauga. Periodontal infection is the most common cause of adult tooth loss, and it has been linked to a wide variety of systemic medical problems. It is also treatable, and in most cases, preventable.


The recipe for a healthy mouth includes two important ingredients. One is diligent at home hygiene, with daily brushing and flossing. The other is regular dental care, including a teeth-cleaning schedule recommended by your dental providers (this can vary from 2-4 cleanings per year).

Other factors that contribute to oral health include:

  • A balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Avoid excess sugar or high-acid foods
  • Don’t smoke
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle


We begin with an examination to determine if you have gum disease, and how severe it is. Your dentist will look for calculus, check the color and firmness of gum tissue, measure the depth of pockets around your teeth, and take x-rays, if needed. Gingivitis treatment works best if caught early, so make sure to get checked out regularly!

  • If no disease is found, we will establish a personal care plan, usually involving checkups every six months.
  • If mild to moderate gum disease is found, we will treat it with deep cleaning. This includes scaling and root planing to remove bacteria and calculus below the gum line. We will schedule a follow-up after six weeks to assess progress and determine the next step.
  • If you are diagnosed with severe periodontal disease, or if the infection does not respond to deep cleaning, we will recommend perio-surgery. Laser therapy is used as an adjunct to sterilize pockets, increasing the chance of successful treatment. Frequency of cleanings can increase to 3-4 times per year for proper maintenance.
  • Depending on the amount of tissue damage, we may recommend bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, or other adjunct treatments.

If you have concerns about periodontal disease, please come see us for an evaluation. Call (905) 567-6757 to schedule.

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