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We Offer Emergency Dental Care in Mississauga, ON

Dental accidents happen all the time, either while you’re eating, playing sports, or doing an outdoor activity, we just can’t avoid them. Imagine all of a sudden you’re sleeping and you begin to feel a horrible, horrible toothache; it’s not a nightmare and is really happening! What can you do? The best option is to contact an emergency dentist.

At R-Dentists we care about your dental emergency, we have a qualified team that will evaluate the problem and minimize the damage to teeth, gums and supporting bone.

Dental Emergencies are very serious and painful, and could become worse through time.

Call R Dentists today at (905) 567-6757 Mississauga, Ontario for an appointment.

Be on the lookout – If we don’t answer immediately, we usually return calls within a couple of hours.

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