Smile Analysis Mississauga

Multiple studies have shown that the appearance of a person’s smile can affect his or her confidence, social interactions, relationships, and even career. If you feel embarrassed or self conscious when you smile, it may be time to consider cosmetic dentistry.

To analyze your own smile, study it for a few moments in the mirror and answer the following questions:

  • Do you have any stained or discolored teeth?

  • Is the overall color of your teeth darker than you would like?

  • Are there wide gaps between any teeth?

  • Do any of your teeth appear uneven, crooked, or rotated?

  • Are any teeth missing?

  • Is there any visible decay, chips, or other defects?

  • Do the edges of your teeth appear worn?

  • Do your teeth look too long, large, short, or small?

  • Are there any existing dental restorations that look unnatural?

  • Do the edges of crowns or bridges appear dark?

  • Are there any silver, black, or gray (mercury amalgam) fillings?

  • Does your smile look “gummy” with an excess of visible gum tissue?

  • Do you have redness, puffiness, or bleeding of the gums, or a receding gum line?

  • Do you close your lips when being photographed?

  • Have you ever refrained from laughing or smiling due to the appearance of your teeth?

  • Is there anything about your teeth or your overall smile that you want to change?

Modern dentistry offers virtually endless smile improvement options. If your answer to any of the above questions was, “Yes,” please visit R Dentists for a consultation. Call us at (289) 768-7876 and schedule your appointment today.