Meet Dr. Nakul Ratra Mississauga

Dr. Nakul Ratra Dr. Nakul Ratra is a general and cosmetic dentist in Mississauga, Ontario. Dr. Nakul emphasizes prevention before treatment, and enjoys patient rapport in working towards long term improvements in their oral health. His practice philosophy is centered on utilizing modern techniques and technology to develop highly esthetic and conservative dentistry.

Dr. Nakul Ratra attended McMaster University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Life Science. He then went on to earn a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences Miami. He completed his education at University of Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, where he earned his DDS degree, becoming the third generation of Dr. Ratras. Since the beginning of his career, his father Dr. Navin Ratra has been his inspiration and mentor.

In 2017, Nakul earned Canadian licensure and officially joined R Dentists. “Nothing is more important than how a patient feels during his time at the clinic,” he says. “My goal is for them to feel part of our family and actually look forward to their visit to our clinic.”

Nakul has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry. He regularly takes time off in taking extra courses to enhance his knowledge and skills. His particular passion is towards cosmetic bonding, as well as veneers. It is the artistic side of the field that drives him towards excellence. He believes that he is forever a dental student.

When not creating wonderful smiles, Nakul enjoys spending time with his family and friends, going to the gym, playing soccer, watching and supporting Manchester United, and playing the guitar.


Annual Spring Meeting April 2018
  • Debra Nash - Attracting and Retaining Patients- a team event
  • Debra Nash - Key Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Dr. William Robbins - The six tools - putting teeth in the middle of the smile
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - Toronto June 2016, April 2018
  • Dr. Buddy Mopper’s course on Microfill, and layering composites.
  • Dr. Bob Margeas’s course on esthetic temporary Resin fiber reinforced bridges
  • Dr. Parag Kachalia’s course on bulk filling composite- specifically SonicFill.
  • Dr. Newton Fahl’s course on nature mimicking direct veneer, as well as his class on class IV layering
  • Dr. Miguel Vargas on class IV - Style Italiano
  • Posterior composite anatomy
  • Building your Marketing brand - Dr. Larry Rosenthal
When the pictures really matter- Dental Photography essentials March 2018
  • Dr. Jesus Ostos and Dr. Eduardo’s course on macrophotography, and Keynote presentations
Timax Aesthetic Curriculum April 2017-June 2017
  • Dr. George Arvanitis - course on occlusion dysfunction, anterior restriction, transitional bonding,
  • Dr. Bob Yetto - smile makeover, with a hands-on veneer makeover on my patient
  • Dr. Corky Wilhite - weekend course on layered composite bonding, diastema closure, lingual pull technique
AGD course on nitrous and moderate sedation certification February 2017
CEREC Level 1 Introductory course Scottsdale Arizona June
2017 Invisalign introductory course - easy and moderate case certification September 2017
Advanced Anterior composites - November 2016
Dr. Danielle Larose- understood blending composites, tinters, opaquers