Flexible Payment Plans Mississauga

Your dental health is important to us, let us take care of your financial interests after. We do our best to utilize insurances to help you restore your smile. If money is tight, we help you plan out a monthly payment plan to help you achieve your healthy smile.

Quick electronic insurance setup

R Dentists, conveniently located in Mississauga, uses electronic insurance to receive immediate response from your insurance company, which we use to determine your coverage plan immediately upon arrival (how much is covered, what is the percentage of the coverage, how much dollar amount is covered per visit, etc.). Because everything is done electronically with no paper work, there is no wait time. It is an instant and convenient way we like to do our business.

Get the dental treatment you need

Please contact us today at (289) 768-7876 or email us at info@rdentists.com to find out how we can offer assistive services to suit your specific needs.