Family Dentist Mississauga

Family Dentist Mississauga photo Are you looking for comprehensive dental care with attentive customer service in a family atmosphere? If so, schedule an appointment at R Dentists in Mississauga. We welcome patients from pediatric to geriatric with a wide variety of treatments in one convenient location.

The first dental appointment

It’s never too soon to begin dental care. We can help you monitor your baby’s oral development, and provide guidance for keeping his or her mouth clean and healthy. If we haven’t already seen your baby, schedule the first appointment as soon as the first tooth appears.

As children grow, we advise scheduling regular checkups. Early visits provide an opportunity to help kids establish good hygiene habits, and to answer the questions of parents. Additionally, when treatment is needed children feel more comfortable if they are already familiar with our office and friendly team.

Preventive dental care for children

Primary teeth will naturally fall out, so they may seem less important than adult teeth. Parents often ask why preventive care is necessary in young children. There are actually many reasons:

  • Although not permanent, primary teeth will be with your child for several years. Preventive care is important to avoid cavities and painful oral health issues.

  • Like adults, children are susceptible to periodontal disease if oral hygiene is neglected.

  • Premature loss of primary teeth can negatively impact oral development. These teeth help guide jaw development, serving as space holders for adult teeth.

  • We can monitor any potential orthodontic problems, and if treatment is needed, begin at the most optimal time.

  • Habits established in childhood can last a lifetime. Now is the time to teach your child the importance of oral hygiene.

We are here to help that little smile grow up healthy! Call our office at (289) 768-7876 to schedule an appointment for your child.

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