Dental Restoration Mississauga

Dental Restoration Mississauga photo At R Dentists in Mississauga, we offer a wide range of treatments to restore the health and appearance of your smile. The goal is to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, and replace the missing portion with a restoration that replicates the function and appearance of natural material.

Types of dental restorations

The best choice depends on the nature and severity of the tooth damage, as well as aesthetics. The most common restorations include:

  • Tooth colored fillings or dental bonding is a single-visit procedure used to repair minor chips, fractures, cosmetic concerns, or cavities.

  • Dental crowns encase the tooth in restorative materials. They are used for severe decay, broken teeth, protection of weak teeth, restoration after root canal therapy, or occasionally for cosmetic enhancement.

  • Bridges, dentures, or implant supported restorations are used to replace missing teeth.

Treatment planing and design

The comfort, functionality, and appearance of a dental restoration are greatly dependent on the design. We take steps to ensure accuracy and optimize outcomes.

  • During the initial evaluation, your dentist will examine the tooth or teeth and discuss your goals, then recommend the most conservative restoration.

  • When taking impressions and gathering other diagnostic data, we seek to find the most stable and properly aligned jaw position.

  • The color and transparency of restorative material is adjusted to match your tooth. Many restorations are fabricated in a dental laboratory. In that case, a lab technician comes to our office for color analysis.

  • Restorations are shaped to mimic the appearance of a tooth, with proper symmetry and proportions.

  • Depending on the type of restoration, materials may include composite resin, porcelain, zirconia, or porcelain fused to metal.

If you have damaged or missing teeth, we have solutions. Call (289) 768-7876 and schedule a consultation to learn how we can restore your smile.

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