Dental Extractions Mississauga

Dental extractions Mississauga photo The team at R Dentists in Mississauga is committed to helping our patients maintain excellent oral health. We hope to help you keep your natural teeth for life. However, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved. We only recommend extraction in cases of irreparable damage, an impacted wisdom tooth, or when crowding is preventing orthodontic treatment.

About the tooth extraction process

Pulling a tooth does not need to be painful. We take precise steps to ensure your comfort, and to minimize disruption to surrounding tissue.

  • The first step is to numb the area completely. We carefully check to make sure the tissue is numb before beginning any work.

  • Next, the gum tissue is gently separated from the tooth surface.

  • The tooth is removed using precision techniques with minimal force.

  • Throughout the process, you should not feel any pain. You may be aware of pressure, but it is not uncomfortable.

Surgical extraction

In most cases, a tooth can be removed in a straightforward process. However, sometimes that is not possible. Surgical extraction is most common with impacted wisdom teeth, which are partially or completely covered by gum tissue. Fractured or severely damaged teeth can also be problematic. If a tooth does not come out in one piece, the fragments need to be removed surgically.

Healing and recovery

The mouth heals very quickly after an extraction, but you may experience some swelling or discomfort in the first few days. We will provide you with complete aftercare instructions. Some of the most important points include:

  • Eat soft foods and avoid drinking through a straw

  • If antibiotics or pain medications are prescribed, take as directed

  • Use an ice pack to control swelling, if needed

If you have any questions or you want to schedule an appointment, please call our office at (289) 768-7876.

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