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Brushing teeth Mississauga photo Brushing, flossing, hygiene appointments, preventive treatments, and good habits form the foundation of excellent oral health. At R Dentists in Mississauga, we have a strong focus on prevention and early treatment. We are your partners in a healthy, beautiful smile.


Complete teeth cleaning (dental prophylaxis) is an essential part of regular dental care. Our new patient treatment, and recall appointments for existing patients, include:

  • Calculus removal – Once plaque hardens to calculus (also called tartar) a toothbrush will not remove it; dental instruments are needed.

  • Polishing – Stains are removed and the surface is smoothed.

  • Hygiene guidance – A demonstration of proper brushing technique, along with personalized advice can help you improve your hygiene habits.

  • Exam – Gum disease can be reversed when detected in the earliest stages.

Technique for brushing and flossing

Brushing – step by step:

  • Hold brush at 45-degree angle

  • Move the brush in a circular motion to clean fronts and backs of teeth

  • Move the brush back-and-forth when cleaning chewing surfaces

  • Use gentle, consistent pressure

  • Clean every surface, including your tongue


  • Cut an 18-inch piece of floss

  • Wrap the ends around your pointing fingers

  • Slide floss between two teeth

  • Pull it snug against one tooth

  • Slide the floss up and down to clean the tooth edge

  • Pull floss against the other tooth, and repeat sliding motion

  • Repeat the process until you have cleaned the edges of all teeth


Fluoride is an important mineral that helps prevent cavities.

  • Topically, fluoride strengthens enamel increasing its resistance to decay.

  • Internally, it helps new teeth to develop with strong, hard enamel.

Fluoride toothpastes and fluoridated water may not be enough. We offer professional fluoride treatment for children, and for adults who are prone to cavities.

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