Stop your search for a L5N 6J5 (Mississauga) dentist!

L5N 6J5 Dentist: Dr. Nakul Ratra

Do you want a dentist who can serve your entire family? Are you tired of driving the kids to one dentist and adults to another? Maybe it’s been years since you’ve been to a dentist and you recognize your mouth needs help to achieve oral health. Are you thinking of moving to the area and need a new dentist?  Whatever the reason you searched for an L5N 6J5 dentist, you have come to the right place! R Dentists is the place for modern dental procedures delivered with old fashioned care.


Our family dental care:


We believe in helping keep your life as simple as possible. We offer care for your entire family, from the tots to seniors. For children, we believe it’s never too early to begin dental care. By bringing your child in even before teeth begin to appear, we can monitor your baby’s oral development. We can also provide education to you on the best ways to care for their emerging teeth. We have found that the earlier visits begin, the sooner a child establishes great hygiene habits and feels at ease at a dentist’s office.


Our dental restoration care:


We want you to have a healthy smile! Because of this, we will work to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. This helps keep the bone structure of your jaws healthy. Some of the services that fall under dental restorations are fillings, crowns, implants, and dentures.


Why choose us?

  • We are committed to helping you prevent problems. We will educate you on the correct way to care for your teeth including any restorative work done.
  • We consider you family! Drs. Ratra are a father and son team and bring the feeling of family to you.


Discover the difference our care can make, call (289) 768-7876 today.

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